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iD Tech C++ Game Programming: Algorithms & AI 

AGES: 13-18, Co-ed, minimum 2-weeks

SKILL LEVEL: Beginner - Advanced

PATH: Coding

PREREQUISITE: Ability to work as part of a team 

TOOLS: C++, Microsoft Virtual Studio

Course Description

Open the door to the vast world of programming and development by learning the syntax of C++. Develop games with 2D graphics and custom controls throughout the session as you master this essential programming language.

As you continue into your second week, make your games smarter with algorithms crucial to game development, like pathfinding and map generation. Whether you choose to build games or apps or just want a head start for college, C++ can get you there.

In this course, your student will:

  • Read user input and print formatted output

  • Implement a game loop

  • Use algorithms to help solve problems like pathfinding and map creation

Your student will take home:

  • Personalized learning + take-home project

  • College-ready digital portfolio

  • University campus experience + meals and housing

  • iD Small Class Guarantee™

  • 12 exclusive online iD Master Classes ($300 value)

  • Official Academy diploma + course transcript

  • Limited edition t-shirt, stainless steel water bottle, sling bag

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