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iD Tech Coding and Engineering 101

AGES: 10-12, Co-ed, minimum 1-week 

SKILL LEVEL: Beginner - Advanced

PATH: Coding, Robotics


TOOLS: JavaScript, micro:bit

Course Description

Coding and engineering collide in this versatile, dynamic course. Begin with the foundation of a computer—the hardware—and then combine that knowledge with object-oriented programming concepts. Next comes learning to program with the micro:bit, an interactive, pocket-sized computer that’s yours to take home. With JavaScript, the micro:bit can detect motion, send messages, and make games. Get ready to level up your real-world hardware and coding skills.

In this course, your student will:

  • Use the micro:bit to code games and apps

  • Code in JavaScript and build simple logic circuits

  • Learn how programs work and what code does

  • Develop logical thinking skills

Your student will take home:

  • Customized at-camp curriculum + take-home project

  • micro:bit student kit

  • iD Small Class Guarantee™

  • 12 exclusive online iD Master Classes ($300 value)

  • Official iD Tech diploma + course transcript

  • Limited edition iD Tech t-shirt

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