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The best corporate social responsibility (CSR) programmes combine financial support with innovative approaches for sharing business assets and knowledge.

From planning and reviewing your corporate social responsibility strategy, to implementing it, we assist in delivering your objectives.

Our CSR programs


High impact

Award-winning content and programs.

Easy to customise to meet specific company needs

"Off the shelf" programs ready to go, which can be white labelled with your company branding

Low cost-benefit ratios

Custom proposals done in 1 week

We have 6 key areas we focus on when developing our programs

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Strategy Development

We recognize that the combined impact of giving, engagement and partnerships can be maximized by developing strategic approaches
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Program Management

We have programmatic expertise, we conceptualize, design and strategize the project for efficient and effective management
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Employee Engagement

We define and articulate strategies for effective engagement of employees in social initiatives. We promote culture of volunteering and commitment of leadership
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Campaign Communication

In the age of digital democracy, it is important to use the medium and leverage benefit pertaining to CSR activities
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Monitoring & Evaluation

Evaluating the effectiveness of CSR programs is one of the most important steps in end-to-end implementation of programs
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Impact Assessment

Impact assessment aims to create a social impact to measure the effectiveness of CSR project to know whether objectives were met and the money was well spent
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Example programs ready to go

Sustainable mobile Classroom

Our Mobile sustainable classroom program has a core aim to attract a diverse student-base and  inspire future career pathways in STEM related fields through immersive, industry and university linked, hands-on engagements to students in areas which are often less served.

Another core aim is to empower teachers, giving them the skills and resources to continue the education journey after the STEM lab moves on.


Space 2101

Students aged 12-18 have the chance to work with Astronauts, scientists, industry experts and educators with the goal of designing a sustainable habitat using STEM tools.

Students learn a variety of skills throughout the week including mental health coping techniques, STEM skills, soft skills and resiliance.


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