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English Camps @ your school

Get our custom English camp delivered by our expert teachers, at your school! Simple!

Our skilled and enthusiastic instructors create a safe, fun and supportive environment for participants to develop competencies & explore capabilities. The program is designed to be conducted in the ideal environment to extend the learning that takes place during the school year by giving the young learners an opportunity to be creative & discover new interests.

We help students to

Improving Conversational Skills

Creativity to Express

Active Participation

Critical Thinking


Gain Confidence

Course Facts

1 day - 1week


Number of students

100 - 2500+


All Year


All Native English speakers

What does an example Starlight Education English Camp day look like?

We run our English camps in multiple stations, each station offering a new and stimulating activity and game to b e completed as a group utilising their English skills whilst learning new vocabulary and grammar at the same time.

08:30: Opening Ceremony

First Activities: 09:00-09:45

09:45-10:30: Activity 2

Break: 10:30-11:00

11:30-12:15: Activity 3

Lunch: 12:15-13:00

13:00-13:45: Activity 4

Activity 5: 13:45-14:30

14:30-14:45: Break

Activity 6: 14:45-15:30

15:30-16:00: Group activity

Closing ceremony: 16:00-16:30

What do the students and parents get?

Camp T-shirts

Photos and videos 

Up to 25% off all Oxford Education English courses

Certificate of Participation

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Do you need a custom group tour quote? No problem! We have helped student groups from over 30 countries to customise their PERFECT summer camp, so contact us today to get started!

Group Tours

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