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Exclusive summer courses in Oxford

Read Law at Oxford next summer

Law school

Our Law course provides students with an introduction to both the field of Law as an academic discipline and also to the legal system which presently operates in England and Wales.


The course also introduces the specific fields of Law taught in a standard undergraduate degree, providing an authentic introduction to undergraduate Law.



Through the study of legal theories, case studies, and observation at the Cambridge Magistrates Court, students are introduced to fields such as criminal Law while workshops help them with practical preparation for the LNAT aptitude test and their future University careers.


An introduction to Constitutional Law: As a core first-year module in a standard undergraduate degree in England and Wales, this is designed to improve students’ wider understanding of the democratic process.

An Introduction to European Union Law: This is a core second-year module on most undergraduate degrees in England and Wales and addresses legal issues in current political debate (For Example, Brexit).

An Introduction to Criminal Law: Again, a core second-year module, students analyse criminal law concerning fatal and non-fatal incidents against the person.

Key school facts






minimum age


average class size

Explore Oxford



  • Student Café

  • Self-Access study facilities

  • Student computers and Free Wi-Fi

  • Outside study area

  • Student library


Travel times

  • Heathrow International Airport - Approx. 60 minutes by taxi (90 mins by train)

  • Homestay - Approx. 20-40 minutes by public transport 

  • Residences & Hotels - Approx. 5-20 minutes on foot

  • Less than 10 mins to shopping complex(s)

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