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Oxford Education: Lecture series

"How to raise a successful & happy child"

Exclusive short lectures

We are proud to offer our short-lecture on "How to raise a successful & happy child" designed by expert educators.

Our 1 hour lecture includes core components such as:

Positive Daily routines

Learn some basic tips and skills to transform everyday into a more structured exercise.

Positive reinforcement techniques

Learn how to positively support your child in their academic & non-academic endeavours

How to encourage learning at home

Learn from the expert educators about how to incorporate learning into almost every task

The Psychology of Learning

Delve into the minds of children, their thought processes and how they best learn

Developmental and behavioural needs

Learn how to identify the needs of YOUR child and to utilise that for positive outcomes 

Learn from an expert

About our speaker:

Ms. Jo Clark, has been working in the Early Years industry in the UK for over 25 years.

Prior to working at Hatching Dragons nursery in London City, she managed another outstanding nursery and for 15yrs was the Head of EYFS at a one of London's TOP Preparatory schools.

A word from Jo: "I firmly believe that children should be given the opportunity to thrive, to encourage their desire to learn, experiment and gain confidence and independence. To foster a growth mindset, to enable children to reach their full potential"

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Dubai, UAE

November 16th 2019

Jakarta, Indonesia

November 19th 2019


November 22nd 2019

Not yet open for sale
Not yet open for sale

Bangkok, Thailand

November 29th 2019

Hong Kong

December 1st 2019

Not yet open for sale
Not yet open for sale

Tokyo, Japan

December 7th 2019

Rio De Janeiro, Brazil

December 11th 2019

Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

November 25th 2019

Seoul, South Korea

December 4th 2019

Not yet open for sale
Not yet open for sale
Not yet open for sale
Not yet open for sale
Not yet open for sale

Buenos Aires, Argentina

December 13th 2019

Vancouver, Canada

December 18th 2019

New York, USA

December 15th 2019

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