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Professional Curriculum Design

Get your custom curriculum or course designed by experts, exactly to your specifications.

Our Creation Process

Discovering: We work with you to clarify the precise nature of your challenge and agree with you the balance and emphasis of the outcomes sought

Contracting: Our contracting team provides rigour and assurance for the project

Reviewing: We can conduct an evaluation and report on programme effectiveness, value and impact

Curating: We find the right experts from across our network who can help you with your problem and work with them to develop an initial proposal

Designing: With your programme sponsor, we co-design all aspects of the intervention — content, format, material, metrics

Managing: Our project management professionals, can manage core delivery services on your behalf including event and venue management, delegate feedback

Delivering: Our experts deliver the programme, plus any material, in line with the agreed plan


Leading edge courses: Advancing knowledge and skills at the leading edge of professional practice for mid-career managers and domain specialists

Expert Exchanges: Opportunities for our professors  and client experts to explore topics for mutual benefit. These can be structured events with defined themes and inputs, or informal communities of interest to share knowledge and know how.

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