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Get talking whatever language you want, with an award-winning language platform

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Speak confidently.

Everything we do has one very specific goal: to get you speaking confidently in the real world.

That’s why we make sure you get the chance to speak the language well: Practise your pronunciation the TruAccent® speech engine, read and listen to interesting stories, have actual conversations with our native tutors (tutoring sessions not included with all products), or chat with other learners. Rosetta Stone offers everything you need to handle real-world conversations.

24 languages to choose from


Learn the language, not just the words.

Get prepared for real-world conversations in your new language. Without any translations it teaches you the sights and sounds you need to communicate effectively in everyday situations; speaking and enjoying language from the start.

Choose your package

3 months

1 Language





12 months

1 Language





24 months

1 Language




TOTAL £120

24 months

ALL Languages




TOTAL £240

Subscriptions automatically renew at the full retail price then in effect (turn off anytime). Monthly amount is illustrative.*

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