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Our School in Oxford

Explore Old Oxford next summer

Our school in Oxford is one of the oldest colleges at Oxford University. It offers a wide range of English language courses, in group environments. The mid-size school has a very welcoming atmosphere and is a great centre for students who wish not only to English language but the culture of the UK too.

The historic city centre is quite small, but luckily it’s easy to see all of the sights on foot. Oxford is known for it's world famous University and many choose to travel around the city by bike. Students will appreciate being able to walk safely between their accommodation, the school and other top attractions. The College is just a short distance away from the centre of Oxford and about 15 mins walk from the train station where students will be able to travel to other great cities that the UK has to offer, such as London and Cambridge.

Key school facts






minimum age


average class size



  • Student Café

  • Self-Access study facilities

  • Student computers and Free Wi-Fi

  • Outside study area

  • Student library


Travel times

  • Heathrow International Airport - Approx. 60 minutes by taxi (90 mins by train)

  • Homestay - Approx. 20-40 minutes by public transport 

  • Residences & Hotels - Approx. 5-20 minutes on foot

  • Less than 10 mins to shopping complex(s)

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