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Photo Booth: Pro Photography for Instagram

AGES: 10-15

SKILL LEVEL: Beginner - Advanced

PATH: Design 

PREREQUISITE: Ability to work as part of a team 

TOOLS: Adobe Photoshop, Lightroom, DSLR Cameras

Course Description

Find, take, and curate the perfect shots to build your own personal portfolio! Learn photography principles to capture the world around you with a DSLR camera, then use editing fundamentals to enhance your images in Adobe Lightroom or Photoshop. Post your polished photos to Instagram to craft a personal brand and a follow-worthy online presence.

In this course, your student will:

  • Capture images with DSLR cameras

  • Use aperture and ISO to determine exposure

  • Edit photos in Photoshop

  • Create an Instagram gallery featuring portrait and landscape photography

Your student will take home:

  • Project files

  • Alexa Café diploma

  • Course transcripts

  • Alexa Café t-shirt, hair tie, water bottle, cinch sack, and USB drive

This course is perfect for students wanting a future in Design.

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