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An interactive virtual challenge that will take your students learning to new heights!

With Launch Prize for Schools you will run your own private competition exclusively for your pupils... Ensuring your Schools experiment launches to the International Space Station.

Challenge your students to design a real space experiment. We'll pick the best one and fly it on a SpaceX Rocket to the International Space Station (ISS) where Astronauts on board will conduct your students’ experiment in microgravity and send the findings back down to Earth.

Your students will learn from NASA Astronauts and Space Scientists in a series of LIVE webinars beamed straight into your school. They'll have special access to our online Launch Pack which contains everything they need to design a winning experiment.

We put the control in your hands; You choose the size of the student teams (individuals or 2, 3, 4, 5 people per team) AND you can run the challenge for any time period up to 12 months.

Join us today and challenge your students to unlock their incredible potential.

The Mission: to better life for mankind, on or off the planet.

Your students will work with Astronauts and Space Scientists, becoming experts in their chosen topic and developing key life skills along the way.

Your school can enter up to 250 experiments. Each team will receive our Launch Pack built by Space Scientists and Astronauts. Your school will receive LIVE webinars from Astronauts and Space Scientists along with a LIVE virtual opening and closing ceremony.

Give your students the chance to reach beyond the stars and accomplish something they will remember for a lifetime.

"It’s hard to imagine a more exciting prize for students than to see their experiment being flown into space and carried out by NASA astronauts."

- James Priory, Headmaster of Tonbridge School, UK

We will select the best experiment to be built at NASA by our team of Space Scientists.

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TS_Mission Discovery Day 1_18-3-19_032.J

The winning experiment will fly on a SpaceX Rocket to the International Space Station where Astronauts on board will conduct it and send the findings back down to Earth.

And it’s not just the winners who gain from this incredible challenge...

The #No.1 outcome all students feedback is an increase in confidence. Not only that, all teams will obtain key life skills and the NASA “you can do it” spirit.

Watch as your students strive to achieve more, in both the challenge and their everyday school life.

Last year we helped 1000s of teens achieve their dreams:

The most welcoming, fascinating yet challenging (in a good way) experience ever…Impossible to sum up.

Grazia, Hawthorn High School

Knowing that something that I directly contributed to will be put in space is an incredible feeling.

Edward Barry, Tonbridge School

"Get over the fear of failure. Don’t shy away. Work together as part of our team and accomplish something extraordinary."

- Astronaut Tony Antonelli

Why Enter?

🚀 Boost students confidence and help them push their limits

👨‍🚀 Learn from some of the greatest minds in the world

👩‍🏫 Develop key life skills that will put them ahead

💻 Strengthen higher education applications & achievement portfolios

🔭 Have the experience of working on a real-life research project

🏆 Take away an official completion certificate

🙌 Learn to work as part of an incredible team

🛰 Fly the flag for your school on the International Space Station

🎉 And of course, the chance to make history


🎫 Your students can work on their own, or grab their space squad and sign up as a team. You decide!

🍏 Their hypothesis should explain why microgravity is important to their experiment

💡 Their idea has to be original

🌍 Their experiment must have a benefit to humankind. It could be for future space travel or for us folks down here on Earth

▶ They can present their project however they like (written, video, or presentation) Choose what suits them best.

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